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Why 360° Kiroyera Tours?

360° Kiroyera Tours is an initiative by Kiroyera Tours that incorporates 360° virtual tours into the trip plans or itineraries. These virtual tours have the effect of creating virtual familiarization FAM Trips. FAM Trips are used in the travel industry to help travel agents get familiar with the places they will send their clients to.

However FAM Trips can get expensive when offered to many travel agents & journalists. 360° Kiroyera Tours are an affordable alternative to FAM Trips. While meant primarily for travel agents around the world, our virtual tours can also be used by regular tourists to get familiar with the places they will stay and visit during their trip.

Intermediate YouTube Vlogs

We produce our own 360° virtual tours, however it will take a while to cover all the destinations we offer. Thus we curate YouTube videos that are an intermediate step before comprehensive virtual tours.

Highly Detailed Itineraries

Some of our trip plans can get very detailed. They are designed to be resold by travel agents who have never been to a destination they are selling. For example, when a trip plan mentions a place a guest will spend the night, the hotel has a 360° virtual tour of every single room to enable specific room number reservation requests. Rooms can be in the same price category but have different views and be in different states of repair.

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360° Virtual Tours

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