The Walkgard Transit Hotel | 360° Virtual Tour of Hotel in Bukoba, Tanzania

The Walkgard Transit Hotel in Bukoba, Tanzania now has a 360° virtual tour created by 360° Kiroyera Tours. The virtual tour is part of their Virtual FAM Trip initiative that seeks to promote tourism in Tanzania through the use of virtual reality.

What are FAM Trips?

The term FAM stands for Familiarisation. The Tours – commonly known as FAM Trips – are trips organised by travel providers (can be a Tour Operator, an Airline, a Hotel Chain, a Tourism Board or other DMOs representing a Destination, etc.) with the purpose of educating about their products & services and promoting them.

Usually it is dedicated to everyone who is involved in the selling and promoting process of this particular product/ property/ destination. It typically hosts travel agents and travel media (writers, journalists, bloggers) and other important players & partners.

Creating awareness and at the same time networking and building relationships are the main aims of a FAM trip.

FAM´s are very important in the hospitality industry. Basically speaking if the travel agent knows and likes your property (and the location), he will book his clients into it. FAM´s are usually FOC (free of charge) or available at a discounted fee.

Patrick Landman, CEO and Founder of Xotels

The free or discounted nature of FAM Trips makes them expensive to offer to a large number of travel agents and media. That means a lot of places miss out on the FAM Trip opportunity. 360° Kiroyera Tours seeks to be the affordable FAM Trip alternative. It’s not same as a real FAM Trip, however it allows travel agents to become familiar with a lot more places than they could physically visit through traditional FAM Trips.

The Virtual FAM Trip

360° Manual Tour

Click & Drag the 360° Panoramic Photos or Simply Click the Play button on the top right for an automatic tour. The manual tour gives you greater control of viewing angles.
The Virtual FAM Trip

360° AutoPLAY Tour

Lean back and experience a 360° virtual tour like regular video.
The Virtual FAM Trip

Quick Slideshow

The quick slideshow is a faster way to explore the hotel.
The Virtual FAM Trip

Photo Galleries

Screenshots of the 360° Virtual Tour are another way to get familiar with the property.

Entrance, Reception & Lobby at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Restaurant, Bar & Patio at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Single Room 111 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Single Room 110 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Type 1 Double Room 112 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Type 1 Double Room 109 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Type 2 Double Room 113 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Type 3 Double Room 107 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

Suite 108 at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

The Boardroom at The Walkgard Transit Hotel

The Virtual FAM Trip

Directions & Contacts

Getting there from Bukoba Airport, Harbor or Bus Terminal.


9 min (3.1 km) from Bukoba Airport

5 min (2.3 km) from Bukoba Harbor

3 min (800 m) from Bukoba Bus Terminal


Contact Kiroyera Tours to stay at this hotel when in Bukoba, Tanzania. We will arrange your transportation to the various places you need to visit while in Bukoba, book the hotel including a specific room number that you like and organize an optional leisure tour during your downtime.

If you are an international travel agency, Kiroyera Tours provides you with the necessary information you need to market Africa’s Best Safari Country with confidence, even if your staff has never visited Tanzania. With our comprehensive 360° Virtual FAM Trips at their disposal 24/7, your staff can speak eloquently about an attraction or accommodation with a level of detail that makes them sound like a seasoned local tour operator. Once your clients have been sold on your Tanzania African Safari package, we’ll be your local representative that makes sure your clients have a wonderful, unforgettable experience.

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